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Ancient Theme at Online Slots

The slots game is totally extensive and you can play a lot! You will find a wide variety of Ancient Theme at Online Slots options. Reach interesting games to enjoy your gambling experience to the maximum! Many hints and tips can be found at playnowcan.com as well in order to go for the best. You can find Online Slots that are inspired on Classical themes while some others are much more modern. You will be amazed at how many styles are out there.

Unibet Specialists have developed the highest technological innovations to meet players´ expectations. Get ready to have infinite gaming times! Below you will find a brief summary of a few fun Online Slots Games.

A Classical Video Slot is Box Car Bonanza; this has a Wild West theme and will amaze you! This Fun game has three reels and one pay line. In addition, it has 5 kinds of winning combos. As far as symbols are concerned, the ones appearing on the slots reels are: a Train, a Seven, a Horseshoe, a Briefcase, and Crossroads.

Playing Box Car Bonanza Video Slots

The respective betting slots increments are as follows: 0.10, 0.25, 0.5, 1, 5, and 10.00. The maximum allowed bet is of five coins. When it comes to such betting options, the jackpot payouts are of thousand coins and believe it or not, the largest payout is of eight hundred coins. In this game, a RAILWAY CROSSING SIGN is the wild symbol. Keep in mind that if it actually lands ANYWHERE on the game reels you will win, read. The total winnings are considering the specific amount of the coins you’ve actually won x the specific coin size.

Boy king's Treasure

it is a pro and ancient video Slots theme that consists of a History- Ancient Egypt theme. It is linked to Tutankhamun history. This fabulous game has five reels, twenty pay lines along with 21 possible winning combinations. The symbols are: a Snake, a Bird, a boy king, a Bracelet, and a King. This game was released back on June, 2008. It is definitely worth a try!

Reels and pay lines

This amazing video slot machine offers a lot! Players can go for the five reels and twenty pay lines. The allowed bets range from 0.1 up to 5 while the respective winnings a player can make from this fabulous game are simply colossal. It is an easy game and you can easily win a lot of money.

Progressive Jackpot

This slots game has a great random pro jackpot out there to be fully won at any time when playing. This online video slots game features the above Egypt’s symbols, yet the ones that will display the money are: the boy king, with the wild multiplier role along with the king which is the scatter symbol.


Getting a boy king will double all your winnings.  Whenever you make the scatter symbol at least three times then you will win some free spins. If you actually happen to get a fancy wild symbol when playing a bonus round then all your winnings will be multiplied approximately sixteen times.

SlotoCash Casino

Being a Real Gambler


To be a real gambler means to play smart, not just wasting money on some game. If you are going or already are a person, ready for winning at the slots games, you should know the basic rules and differences between the slots.

Also you need to know what the guide to slots but also be able to use it and apply to your game.